Boulder, Colorado

Who We Are

Arapahoe Chapter members

are dedicated, interesting women who are passionate about community service, preserving history, educating children, as well as honoring and supporting those who serve or have served our nation.





We are like women throughout this nation

Arapahoe Chapter members are diverse. Some are from the Boulder area; others have relocated there. Members bring perspectives from many regions in the country. This broadens our chapter view and inspires new ways to connect with our community and each other. Our members possess a wide variety of professional expertise–some retired, many currently in the workforce, all willing to contribute to the furtherance of DAR.





Have a variety of interests

Every member of the chapter is unique, which leads them to pursue different interests in volunteering in service to DAR. Some are passionate about preserving our history, some about educating our youth, and others wish to focus on supporting our active duty military and veterans. Our members also have a wide range of interests and hobbies. No matter what your interests, you will likely find members who share them. As we volunteer together, Arapahoe members have formed friendships that are lasting.







Share in common interests and goals

Embracing our diverse backgrounds and interests, Arapahoe members share a common bond which is lineal descent from patriots of the American Revolution. We are also committed to fostering patriotic pride in our nation. We are thankful for our heritage and delight in establishing connections to our ancestors and each other.





We share an interest in researching our family histories

We were all brought together because of our interest in genealogy, but being an experienced genealogist is not required to become a member of DAR. Arapahoe has a number of volunteers to help you throughout the process of researching your patriot ancestor. Members enjoy learning about the role each of our Patriots played in our nation’s history.

Celebrating America

We are dedicated to perpetuating the spirit of the men and women who rendered material aid to achieve American independence, and we are committed to fostering patriotic pride in our nation. Through our involvement in our community and state patriotic celebrations, we honor our Patriot ancestors while teaching others the importance of the history of our nation.

The Arapahoe Chapter’s American Indian Committee donated money to three NSDAR Schools and two local organizations to help with education.