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Patriot Ancestors

Listed on this page are the patriot ancestors of the current members of Arapahoe Chapter, NSDAR. American Revolutionary War patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. Other included patriots are: foreign soldiers who served the cause of American independence and Spanish soldiers serving in the presidios at Santa Fe, El Paso, and New Orleans. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (April 19, 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (November 26, 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

Name Location of Service Service Description
Thomas Abbey Connecticut Captain
David Allee Virginia Private
George Allen New Jersey Sergeant
John Peter Altman Pennsylvania  
William Altman, Sr. Virginia  
John Alton Pennsylvania Private
David Andrews Connecticut Private
Jacob Angeny Pennsylvania  
Peter Armantrout Virginia Patriotic Service
Stephen Ashby Virginia Captain
William Ashley Pennsylvania  
John Ayer Massachusetts  
Benjamin Babcock Massachusetts  
Jethro Babcock Massachusetts  
Robert Bailey Connecticut  
Thomas Baker North Carolina  
James Barber, Jr. Virginia Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
John Barry Massachusetts Private
Theobald Bartholomew New York  
Thomas Beall Maryland  
William Beatty Maryland  
George Beetham Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Michael Beiry Pennsylvania  
George Bell Pennsylvania Captain
Benjamin Benedict New York Lieutenant
Wolcott Bennett Connecticut Sergeant
Dave Bent, Sr. Virginia  
Ezekiel Bentley Rhode Island Private
William Berry Massachusetts Private
John Bettis South Carolina  
Ephraim Bigelow Massachusetts  
Daniel Bingham Connecticut  
David Blish, Sr. Connecticut  
Joseph Boardman Connecticut  
Joseph Bosworth Massachusetts  
David Bowers Massachusetts  
John Bowser Pennsylvania Private
Jairus Boyden Massachusetts  
Henry Bradford Virginia Sergeant
Alexander Breckinridge Virginia  
George Breckinridge Virginia  
Hezekiah Brewster Connecticut Private
Jacob Brinckerhoff Pennsylvania Ensign
Joris Brinckerhoff New Jersey  
Adley Brown Pennsylvania Private
Henry Brown Maryland  
John Brown Virginia Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Johann Brumback Maryland  
Robert Buckles Virginia Patriotic Service
Moses Burbank, Sr. New Hampshire Patriotic Service
Ebenezer Burgess Connecticut  
James Burgess Connecticut  
Henry Burnley Virginia Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Adonijah Burr Connecticut  
Nathaniel Burr Connecticut  
Roger Burr Connecticut  
Charles Burrill Connecticut  
John Burroughs North Carolina Private
George Butterbaugh Pennsylvania  
Edmund Byne Virginia Patriotic Service
George Cagle North Carolina Patriotic Service
James Calder Massachusetts Private
John Calder Massachusetts Private
Asa Call Vermont Private
Silas Call New Hampshire Private, Patriotic Service
Emanuel Carpenter, Jr. Pennsylvania  
Emanuel Carpenter, Sr. Pennsylvania Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Isaiah Carpenter Vermont Sergeant
Joseph Carr Virginia  
Moses Churchill Connecticut Non-Commissioned Officer
Seth Clark, Jr. Massachusetts  
Seth Clark, Sr. Massachusetts  
David Clay North Carolina Private
Edward Cobb New Jersey  
John Coon Pennsylvania  
Andrew Hillard Cornish Massachusetts Sergeant
Abraham Corson New Jersey Private
Moses Cortright New York  
Abraham Coryell New Jersey Private
Luke Covert New Jersey  
Joseph Crane New Jersey Lieutenant
Robert Crump North Carolina  
Charles Cunningham Pennsylvania  
Richard Cureton, Sr. Georgia Soldier
John Darnell Maryland, Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
William Davenport Virginia Captain
Daniel Davidson, Jr. Massachusetts  
Daniel Davidson, Sr. Massachusetts  
Absolom Davis South Carolina Soldier
Daniel Davis Virginia Private
Samuel Day Vermont Civil Service
James Denny North Carolina  
Daniel Deskins Virginia  
Nicholas DeVore Pennsylvania  
Richard Dirck De Mott New Jersey Private
Arthur Dew North Carolina  
Eldad Dewey Vermont  
Jebediah Dewey Vermont Patriotic Service
James Dillard South Carolina Captain
Henry Dixon North Carolina  
Martin Dorwart Pennsylvania  
James Duncan Virginia  
John Duncan, Jr. Virginia  
John Duncan, Sr. Virginia  
Joseph Duncan Maryland Private
Matthew Duncan, Sr. Virginia  
Asa Dutton Massachusetts, Vermont Private
Adam Echerd North Carolina  
Martin Echerd North Carolina  
James Eckles Virginia Private
Andrew Edmondson Virginia Ensign, Civil Service
Jonathan Edwards Massachusetts  
Daniel Ellis New York Private
James Ellison Virginia  
James Ellison Virginia  
Daniel Emerson New Hampshire  
David Emery Massachusetts  
George Emmert Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Moses Endicott North Carolina Private
Phillip Engle Virginia Patriotic Service
Martin Eshelman Pennsylvania  
John Esty Massachusetts Private
Ambrose Everts New York, Vermont  
Benjamin Farmer North Carolina  
Henry Field, Jr. Virginia  
John Fitzrandolph New Jersey Private
James Fletcher Massachusetts Lieutenant
Joseph Fletcher Massachusetts  
Benjamin Flint Massachusetts  
Christopher Flower Pennsylvania Private
Thomas Flynn North Carolina  
Samuel Freeman Massachusetts  
Christian Fretz Pennsylvania  
Daniel Gillespie North Carolina  
Thomas Glascock Virginia Patriotic Service
James Glenn Pennsylvania  
Samuel Goode Virginia  
Joshua Goss Massachusetts Corporal
Abraham Gould Connecticut Lieutenant Colonel
John Grantier New York  
Amos Green Rhode Island  
Gabriel Green Virginia  
Eleanor Green Virginia Patriotic Service
James Green Virginia  
Joseph Green Massachusetts  
Jeremiah Greenman Rhode Island Lieutenant
John David Greiner Virginia  
William Gregory North Carolina Private
Joseph Griggs Connecticut Patriotic Service
John Conrad Grosh Maryland  
Daniel Guthrie Pennsylvania  
William Gwinn North Carolina Civil Service
Nathaniel Hall, Jr. Connecticut Drummer
Daniel Hand Connecticut Captain
Aaron Harlan, Sr. North Carolina Patriotic Service
Christopher Harrold Pennsylvania  
Christopher Harrold, Sr. Pennsylvania  
George Henry Hartzell Pennsylvania  
Benoni Haskins Massachusetts  
Samuel Haskins Massachusetts  
John Hatfield Pennsylvania  
John Hawkins Virginia  
Adam Hayes Pennsylvania  
Joseph Hayes Maryland Private
Zimri Hayward Massachusetts Captain, Patriotic Service
Edward Henderson Vermont  
Lawrence Hensel Virginia  
Michael Hensel Virginia  
Edward Herndon Virginia  
Jacob Hertzel Pennsylvania  
Zimri Heywood Massachusetts  
John Higginbotham Virginia Captain
Daniel Hill Massachusetts Private
Joseph Hinsdale Vermont  
James Hogg, Jr. Virginia  
James Hogg, Sr. Virginia  
Daniel Hole New Jersey, Virginia Private
Nicholas Holt Massachusetts Lieutenant Colonel, Patriotic Service
John Hood North Carolina  
Noadiah Hooker Connecticut Colonel
Samuel Hopkins Virginia  
William Hornor North Carolina Patriotic Service
Comfort Horton Massachusetts Sergeant
Joseph Howe Virginia  
Nehemiah Howe Massachusetts  
William Huckel Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
John Huggins New Hampshire  
Nathaniel Huggins New Hampshire Corporal
John Hurlburt New York Soldier
Ephraim Hyde Massachusetts  
Henry Ikerd North Carolina  
Hugh Ivey Virginia  
Frederik Jarratt Virginia  
Timothy Jerome Massachusetts Private
Joseph Johnson Pennsylvania  
Robert Johnson North Carolina Soldier
Esther Stilly Kennedy Virginia  
John Kennedy Virginia  
Johannes Kessler, Sr. Maryland  
John Kessler, Sr. Maryland  
Benjamin Ketchum New York  
Francis Kittredge New Hampshire  
Daniel Knowlton Massachusetts  
Abraham Kratz Pennsylvania  
Constantine Ladd North Carolina  
Noble Ladd North Carolina  
James Laughton Massachusetts Sergeant
Ebenezer Learned Massachusetts Brigider General
Abraham Legrand Virginia  
John Legrand Virginia  
Benjamin Lemasters Virginia Sergeant
Augustus Johnston Lewis Rhode Island Private
Adam Liebenguth Pennsylvania  
John Liebenguth Pennsylvania  
Issac Locker Massachusetts Captain, Civil Service
Timothy Lockwood New York Non-Commissioned Officer
Thomas Loveland Connecticut Civil Service
Joshua Lowell Massachusetts Private
Hardy Luter North Carolina Private
Levi Mann Massachusetts  
David Marchend Pennsylvania  
Moses Mather Connecticut Patriotic Service
Jacob May Pennsylvania  
Freeborn Mayhew Massachusetts  
Andrew McCausland Pennsylvania Private
James McCloskey Virginia  
Jonathan McClure Pennsylvania  
Andrew McKay Virginia Civil Service
John McComb Pennsylvania Private
William McMurray Virginia  
Samuel Medlock South Carolina  
Daniel Meigs Connecticut  
John Mereness New York Private
Daniel Miller Pennsylvania  
John Miller North Carolina Private
Archibald Milliken Maryland Private, Patriotic Service
Drury Morris South Carolina Private
James Morrison Virginia Private
John Morton Virginia Captain
Hugh Mulloy Massachusetts Lieutenant
Mulbea Musselwhite North Carolina  
Josiah Nelson Massachusetts  
Nathaniel Nelson Massachusetts  
James Nesbitt South Carolina Soldier
Edmund Newman Virginia  
Samuel Norton Massachusetts  
Daniel Ogden, Jr. New York Lieutenant
John Park Pennsylvania Private
Baldwin Parsons Virginia Captain
Jabez Patchen New York  
Samuel Patchen New York  
James Patterson Pennsylvania  
Thomas Patterson Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
William Patterson North Carolina  
Thomas Peery Virginia Ensign, Patriotic Service
Joseph Penn Maryland  
James Peyton Virginia Private
Friend Phelps Connecticut  
Lacey Philemon North Carolina  
Levi Phillips North Carolina Private
Jeremiah Plummer Maryland  
Phillip Pipkin North Carolina Patriotic Service
Benjamin Poe North Carolina Private
Jonathan Porter, Jr. Connecticut  
Jonathan Porter, Sr. Connecticut  
Elias Poston Virginia Colonel, Patriotic Service
Richard Priddy Virginia Sergeant
Little Page Proctor Virginia Private, Patriotic Service
Thomas Rand Virginia  
Issac Rankin Virginia Soldier
Jonathan Rawson Massachusetts Private
John Redden Maryland Patriotic Service
Benjamin Redmond Maryland  
Alexander Reed Maryland Private, Patriotic Service
William Reifschnider Pennsylvania  
Abraham Remsen New York Captain
Edmond Riggs Maryland  
Greenberry Riggs Maryland  
Jeremiah Riggs Connecticut  
John Ringo Virginia  
Richard Rixey Virginia Captain, Patriotic Service
Brintnal Robbins Connecticut Ensign
Moses Robbins Connecticut  
James Robertson North Carolina Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Hanse Robinson Massachusetts Major
Samuel Rockwell Connecticut Captain, Patriotic Service
Benjamin Rogers, Sr. South Carolina Patriotic Service
Nathaniel Rogers Connecticut  
Nicholas Rouse New York Private
Thomas Rowe Virginia Patriotic Service
Reuben Rozier North Carolina Soldier
George Rumble Pennsylvania  
George Rumel    
John Russ Connecticut Private
John Ryan Connecticut Sergeant
Magdalena Schlechty Pennsylvania  
Cornelius Scott New York  
John Seamster Virginia  
Elkanah Sears Connecticut Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Samuel Sedgwick Connecticut  
Daniel Seip Maryland Private
Samuel Selden Connecticut Colonel, Patriotic Service
Andrew Sharp Pennsylvania Private
Jacob Shellenburger Pennsylvania  
Isom Shierling Georgia  
William Sherman Massachusetts Private
Christopher Shroder Virginia Patriotic Service
Augustin Simms Virginia Private
Benjamin Simms Virginia  
Michael Sisler Pennsylvania Private
Andrew Skidmore Virginia Private
John Slack Pennsylvania, Virginia Non-Commissioned Officer
Ephraim Smedley, Jr. Connecticut Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Andrew Smith Virginia Private
Thomas Somerset Virginia  
James Sowell North Carolina Soldier, Patriotic Service
Ezekiel Spalding Massachusetts Sergeant
Jabez Stebbins Connecticut Civil Service
John Stonaker New Jersey Private
Thomas Storer New Jersey  
Samuel Stout, Jr. New Jersey Private, Patriotic Service
Christopher Strader Virginia Patriotic Service
John Strode Virginia  
George Stubblefield Virginia  
Frederick Swearingen South Carolina Private
Philip Swigert Pennsylvania  
Michael Swope Virginia  
Christopher Sydnor Maryland  
Martin Sydnor Maryland  
William Talcott Connecticut  
William Teague North Carolina  
William Tefft Rhode Island  
Abraham Tout Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
Mary Treffenstadt North Carolina  
Moses Tulliis Virginia Patriotic Service
Daniel Tyler Massachusetts Private
Peter Van Nostrand New York Captain
Killian Van Rensselae New York Lieutenant Colonel
Isaiah Van Sant Virginia Soldier, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
David Waterbury New York Soldier
Adam Waters Connecticut  
Oliver Waters Connecticut  
John Wellborn North Carolina Patriotic Service
Jacob Wetzel Pennsylvania  
Onesimus Whitehead New Jersey Private
George Williams, Sr. Massachusetts Colonel
Peter Wilson Pennsylvania Soldier
Bani Wing Massachusetts Private
Samuel Wood Connecticut  
Samuel Wood South Carolina Private
Henry Woodhouse Virginia Patriotic Service
Henry Yoho Virginia Private, Patriotic Service
John Yokum Pennsylvania  
Thomas Younger Virginia  
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