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Scholarships:  Select scholarships recipients.  Awards are made to students showing dedication to the pursuit of degrees in diverse disciplines including history, law, nursing, and education.  Awards are to qualified applicants regardless of race, religion, sex or national origin.  Visit this state website for more information.

Patriotism: For over 125 years, the DAR members has carried the torch of patriotism. Love of country was the purpose; ancestors who fought for freedom was the bond that connected women to unite to form an organization that honored heritage and worked to ensure a bright future for our children. Patriotism is the foundation of the many DAR activities that take place in local communities across the country. 

Veterans:  Collect and distribute clothing for local veterans; provide holiday gifts, and underwrite an annual holiday party. 

Genealogy:   Pursue your patriot and supplemental ancestors with monthly trips to the Denver Library. 

Fellowship:  Attend monthly meetings and get to know like-minded women. 


Junior American Citizens:   Work with local children to promote good citizenship:  teach U.S. history and the principles of government; provide practical ideas for patriotism that children can use at home, school, or in their communities.  Visit this state website for more information.

Essay Contests Encourage participation in annual contests for students in grades 5-8.   Awards recognizing participation are presented to students and outstanding teachers.  Visit this state website for more information.

Constitution Week: Help inform and educate the public about our country's Constitution.

History:  Learn about and honor historically significant people, places, dates, and events by: attending monthly meetings; presenting American history programs; arranging historical displays in schools, libraries, and public buildings; preparing and encouraging use of DAR public service announcements; displaying DAR stickers and posters promoting American history in schools.