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Arapahoe Chapter

Boulder, Colorado

Celebrating 100+ Years!

Early prospectors in the Boulder Valley, despite breaching the borders of Arapaho territory, were welcomed by Chief Niwot, a tribal leader of the  Arapaho. 

In 2009 members of the Arapahoe Tribe  journeyed from their home on Wyoming's Wind River Reservation to Boulder to help celebrate the town's  sesquicentennial.

Photo reprinted courtesy of the Daily Camera

Founded on November 15, 1910, the Arapahoe Chapter has over 160 members dedicated to upholding the beliefs of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.  The name ‘Arapahoe’ was chosen in honor of the Northern Arapaho Indians who inhabited Boulder before the settlers arrived and for the distinctive Arapahoe Peaks whose rugged glaciers provided Boulder with its water supply.
The Arapahoe Chapter reaches out to the community through:
bullet Education
bullet Preservation
bullet Genealogy
bullet Friendship
bullet Patriotism
bullet Landmarks 
bullet Children


bullet History


bullet Scholarship


bullet Membership




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The Arapahoe Glacier, located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness west of Boulder, is one of the southernmost glaciers in North America, and the largest named glacier in Colorado. 

The print shown at left top, taken by Ed Tangen in 1921, is part of the Library of Congress' American Memory collection.  The area is off limits to the general public in order to protect the water quality of the area, which serves as a major source of water for the city of Boulder.

The glacier has drastically decreased in size over the past century and was downgraded to a snowfield in 1998.  The reddish color of the snow in this 2006 photo by Jesse Varner (left below)  is probably dust blown in from the deserts in Utah or Arizona. 


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